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Welcome to 4th Grade



Eureka! You found us! Welcome to fourth grade, where students learn independence and perseverance much like the early settlers. One of the highlights of the year is our field trip to our capital city, Sacramento. Some other exciting events include a trip to the San Juan Bautista Mission, recorder lessons, music lessons.

In Social Studies,  the focus will be on California; our study will include the geography, and the history of the state with emphasis on Native Americans, early explorers, the Mission Period, the Gold Rush, and influence of immigrants to our state.

For Reading, students will be placed in flex groups to better meet their needs and for Writing, we will provide various writing activities both inside and outside of class that align with the Common Core State Standards.

The essential fourth grade Common Core State math standards will be addressed through the use of the Eureka Math curriculum with additional problem solving and creative thinking tasks.

Classes will rotate among the teachers teaching Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science, throughout the year.

Accelerated Reader  

Each trimester all fourth grade students will be required to read and pass six Accelerated Reader Books within their range; three nonfiction & fiction chapter books. We consider 80% to be a passing score

Fourth grade rocks!

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        Molly Lenhoff                                              Heather Walker
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       Stephanie Marsili    4/5                               Sylvia Chen (4/5 SDC)
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       Melissa Ross    (SDC 3/4)
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