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Art Vistas



What is Art Vistas?

Art Vistas introduces students to famous artists from around the world such as Picasso, Monet, Hokusai, Renoir, van Gogh and more. Using detailed curriculum, students learn to be thoughtful art observers and familiar with the different elements and principles of art.

Art Vistas is facilitated by parent volunteers (Art Guides) who go into the classrooms six times a year and deliver a prepared lesson. This involves showing a series of fine art prints, leading a discussion on the prints and their artists, and encouraging students to answer questions and give their opinions. Afterward, the Art Guide hands out materials and leads the students through a project that gives them a chance to explore, get creative, and have fun with the new "building blocks of art" they just learned about.

With the knowledge and language gained from Art Vistas presentations, students can approach any work of art with a sense of confidence. They can discuss the artist's use of color, line, shape, texture, and value. In addition, the student's own artwork improves with the learnings and hands-on experience gained from the program.

Sign Ups:
Sign ups for Art Vistas typically take place at the beginning of the year (e.g. Welcome Back Coffee).  Specifically, we would appreciate you signing up for your child's classroom and being an Art Guide.  The time commitment is 1 lesson per month for 1-2 hours, depending on the project.  In addition to volunteer teachers, we need grade-level coordinators (GLC).  This person does not go into the classroom, but prepares the supplies necessary for each project for their particular grade.  This year TK is included so we need 7 grade-level coordinators.
Art Vistas Lesson Plans:
All Art Vistas lesson plans are now on Google Drive.
Art Vistas Lesson Plan's link:  Art Vista Lesson Plans

How can I get involved?

Volunteer to be an Art Guide! Art Guides do not need any experience or background in teaching or art education because we provide all the trainings with prepared lesson plans, materials and instructions. From start to finish, the Art Guide is in the classroom about 60-90 minutes (most of which is spent supervising the students doing the art project). Art Guides work directly with the teacher to schedule the day and time for each lesson. Grades K through 5 undertake six lessons (one per month from October to April). TK has three lessons. April is a make-up month for any missed lessons. In May, we hold an Art Show during Open House where we display a piece of artwork from each student.

In addition to Art Guides, we also need Grade-Level Coordinators (GLC). GLCs do not go into the classroom, but prepare the supplies necessary for each project for their particular grade.

Sign ups for Art Vistas take place at the beginning of the year during the Welcome Back Coffee and Back to School Nights in the classrooms.


For more information, please email:


2019-2020 Art Vistas Coordinator: Jan Kirby