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Welcome to 5th Grade

This is the year that you will learn about cells, plant structures, the human body, properties of matter, and the water cycle in Science. In Social Studies, you will get to investigate Native Americans and explorers, as well as states and their capitals. Math will include fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), multi-digit multiplication and division, place value, coordinate graphing, and volume. The focus of language arts is narrative, opinion, and informative writing, along with making connections with your reading and going deeper into supporting your ideas with evidence from the book.
Fifth grade is your last year of elementary school before heading off to middle school and provides a lot of personal growth and lifelong memories!

We Love 5th grade!
        Nicole Bustillos                                           Stephanie Marsili  4/5
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        Andrea Taylor                                              Sylvia Chen  (4/5 SDC)
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