Country Lane Elementary School

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Welcome to 1st Grade

Welcome to first grade. We are a vibrant and energetic group of teachers and students. We love to make learning fun! Exploring the world around us through reading, math, writing, science and social studies, students work together to develop 21st Century Skills.  If you walk into our classroom, you’ll see engaged and busy students participating in a variety of activities that promote  oral language development, independence, collaboration, rigor, and stamina. We emphasize a safe, respectful and responsible learning community.

The First Grade Team
                Adam Hendryx                                       Adrian Renaud
                408-874-3447                                          408-874-3470  
                [email protected]                      [email protected]
                Caroline Sienknecht                              Elizabeth White         (1/2 SDC)
                408-874-3448                                          408-874-3446             
                [email protected]                 [email protected]         
                Evette Tapia     (1/2 SDC)
                [email protected]