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Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year and our school website. As principal of Country Lane Elementary, I am thrilled to be part of such a vibrant and diverse community dedicated to improving the academic, social, and emotional well being of all our students. Country Lane Elementary is a transitional kindergarten through fifth grade school in the Moreland School District. Our school is known for its exemplary staff, responsible, capable students, and involved, supportive parent community.


This year our staff theme is Stick Together, building on the idea that when teams that invest time and effort with each other they create the best environment for our students. Jon Gordon shares, “Only a team who believes, loves, includes everyone, is consistent, takes ownership, connects, and has hope all bundled together can come out on top and reach their true potential.” Weathering the trials of last year as we navigated the uncharted waters of teaching in a pandemic, it became even more clear that when a staff works cohesively and interdependently the benefits for our students is magnified!


Country Lane’s Vision - Be curious. Be kind. Be the change.

Country Lane’s Mission - A Country Lane Elementary education will ensure that:

  •  Students exhibit curiosity by asking questions, thinking critically, working hard, and trying new ideas. 
  • Students will show kindness by taking care of themselves and others, respecting differences, and being patient and supportive of one another. 
  • Students will impact change by finding ways to make a difference for themselves and their community as they work toward a better future. 

Country Lane’s Goals - The Country Lane staff will build on this premise by actively investigating and refining our skill set through the lens of: 

  • instruction that engages all students equitably   
  • systemic and (rigorous) expectations with supports to help all students succeed   
  • a school climate that promotes physical and emotional well-being 


We believe that with a strong and positive home-school connection your children will have the best opportunity to reach their potential, both academically and socially. We look forward to working with you to achieve a positive year, full of learning and growing. We value your input, ideas, questions, and concerns. Together we make a powerful team.  

On behalf of the entire staff, we welcome you to Country Lane Elementary. We are privileged to work with you and your child and look forward to a year filled with collaborative partnerships and innovative instruction mixed in with a healthy dose of fun in order to continue to nurture the strong and vibrant culture of Country Lane.


Keri Billings, 

Country Lane Principal