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Missing School? Notify the Office

If your child will be missing school FOR ANY REASON, please notify the office.  The Moreland Board of Trustees approved a revised Short Term Student Leave Board Policy, in an effort to better serve all of our students, and ease the process for parents and staff.   First and foremost, we want our students to be in school.  When they can’t be in school, we want our efforts to assist the student to be logical and effective.  We hope the following policy change accomplish these objectives:

  • Short-Term Student Leave:   Once per year, a parent/guardian may request, in advance, a single “short-term student leave” of up to seven consecutive school days for his/her child. 
For attendance purposes, an approved Short-term Student Leave will be considered excused and the child will not be dis-enrolled.  The teacher will not prepare a work packet for the student prior to the leave.  However, the parent/guardian/student can make up any work/exams missed during the days approved for the leave.  For each day of the approved leave, the student will have an equal number of days to complete the missed work/exams during those approved