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Unsafe Driving in Our Neighborhood?? REPORT IT!

According to the SJPD - traffic complaints are addressed through the School and Neighborhood Enforcement program (SNE). Enforcement operations are based on the number of complaints the Traffic Enforcement Unit receives, and the danger the conditions create for the residents and the schools. A Traffic Enforcement Request Form may be submitted when a resident, school official or business owner feels there is a chronic traffic problem. This form may be completed and submitted online. Please be specific in regard to the day(s) of the week, times and locations the violations are occurring in order to fully address the issue.

Enforcement is rotated on a quarterly basis, and members of the community are encouraged to continue to lodge requests, so please spread the word! The link to the Traffic Enforcement Request Form is

Please help us keep our students safe!! There have been too many close calls due to excessive speed and unsafe or distracted driving practices. Drive safely, and if you see a chronic issue, please request traffic enforcement.