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Walkathon Pledges Can Now Be Paperless!

Can we make donations on-line?

YES! We have an exciting new platform for donations this year, which allows you to share your child’s donation page around the world.  It's called Walkstarter, and you can find the FAQ below.  Go to to get started.  



Walkstarter is our new online pledge system found at  This system will allow our students to request and collect pledges from friends and family who would like to pay online with a credit card.  Each child can create a custom avatar and web page to share with potential donors via email or social media.  Donors simply click the link and make a pledge in a few easy steps.  Parents and kids can monitor progress toward their fundraising goals and easily send thank-you emails from the site.  Walkstarter is private and secure, so no one can get to your child’s page.              


Be sure to also fill out the parent approval form.  


Walkstarter is free and was created and first used in 2013 for the Walkathon Fundraiser at Stevenson Elementary in Mountain View, California. After two years of considerable success at Stevenson, it has been shared with the other schools in our area.  This is the first year we are using it at Country Lane.