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Earn Science Camp Funds with Scrip Cards and!

Scrip is simply a gift certificate or gift card from retailers. It is accepted the same as cash just like gift cards you buy at the store. In California, gift certificates/cards don't expire!  Many popular retailers participate in our scrip program including Safeway, Starbucks, The Gap, Shell, and many, many others. Purchase online or in the morning on Mondays, through Fridays (outside the School Office). Tables are open from 8:25am to 8:40am. You may also purchase scrip online at using Presto Pay.

We want you to keep earning money for Science Camp during the summer. Don’t just stock up on cards, sign up for and Presto Pay to keep buying scrip cards online using your checking account.

To encourage you to use Presto Pay and see how easy it is, we will give you 100% of the rebate you earn using Presto Pay during the month of July!!

From July 1st to July 31st at 9pm P.T, you will keep 100% of the rebate for all the E-scrip and Reload Scrip purchases you make paying with Presto Pay.

Note, since it is the summer break there will not be any physical cards available for purchase nor we can deliver cards at the school or your house. We also can’t process payment by check. This promotion is only for E-cards, and Reload cards bought online at and paying with Presto Pay.